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Waterproof Collapsible Travel Dog Bowl

Our Travel Dog Bowls are made using our EXCLUSIVE, 100% Waterproof NanoPore Fabric, a Soft, Stain Resistant, Anti-Bacterial, Hypo-allergenic fabric.


The smallest Folding Waterproof Travel Bowl on the market, Folds small enough to fit in the palm of your hand


Easily fit in your pocket.  Elastic straps allow you to attach it anywhere, Bike, Backpack, Leash even to your dog's Collar


Double Layered fabric for strength, 100% WATERPROOF, MACHINE WASHABLE (in HOT WATER), DRY IN YOUR DRYER (on any setting).


Travel Folding Dog Bowl 100% Waterproof .  Guaranteed not to leak.  Light weight portable, a simple way to give your dog a drink of water when Traveling, Hiking, Jogging, Hunting, Camping or in your Car.