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Pupper Pamper Interactive Dog Toy

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Pupper Pamper Interactive Dog Toy - Treat Dispensing Dogs Puzzle Toys – Anxiety Relief Smart Dog Game for Medium/Large Dogs – Refillable Food Tough Dog Toys for Training

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Color: Brown
Brand: Pupper Pamper
UPC: 640816863927
EAN: 0640816863927

  • Shipping Weight: 5.4 pounds
  • PREMIUM QUALITY AND DESIGN: Our tough dog toys is the perfect way to keep your dog occupied while making sure they have a good time. Our puzzle dog toys are made using high-quality materials that are both durable and non-toxic to ensure your dogs stays healthy while having fun. Keep in mind, these are not dog chew toys and are not designed to be chewed on.
  • FUN & CHALLENGING: Pupper Pamper Interactive Dog Toy is made to provide your dog with a challenge thats both fun and interactive to keep them thinking. To make sure your dog doesnt get tired of playing with this puzzle, we made it hard enough to provide a challenge but easy enough to solve for your dog after a few tries.
  • EASY TO USE & ADJUSTABLE: Our Treat Dispensing Dogs Puzzle Toys are made with multiple dog breeds and sizes in mind which is why we these as easy to use as possible. The adjustable dog toy is easy to assemble and comes with two different height settings. Simply place the handle with food dispensers on your desired height.
  • IDEAL PASS TIME: Simply add your dogs favorite treats to Pupper Pamper Interactive Dog Toy for playtime or when you want your dog to eat slowly. Our dog toys for separation anxiety are perfect for Perfect for Medium/Large pets to help prevent boredom and make sure they have a great time. If youre looking for a fun interactive toy for pets then our Treat Dispensing Dogs Puzzle Toy is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment.
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST: At Pupper Pamper, we genuinely care about pets which is why we go the extra mile to acquire the finest and most durable materials to make our Interactive Dog Toy. From using the highest quality wood to ensuring its super fun to play with, we take all necessary steps to ensure you get the best. Each purchase is backed by our 100 Customer Satisfaction Warranty so that you can buy with confidence knowing youre making a risk free investment.


Color:Brown Fun, Interactive & Lasting – The Perfect Toy For Any Pup! Pupper Pamper Interactive Dog Toy is designed to provide your furry friend with a fun and interactive way to get treats to curb boredom and make their day to day life more exciting. The Pupper Pamper Interactive Dog Toy requires your dog to use its wits to turn the spinning feeding canisters attached to the handle to get its favorite treats. Simply fill these p with your dog’s favorite treats and watch it play for hours! Fun For Everyone Our interactive dog puzzles aren’t just fun for your furry friend but also provide you the owner as an endless source of entertainment! You’ll have endless hours of fun watching your dog figure out how to get its treats from the bottles and you’ll be there to enjoy every moment of it. Unlike other et toys, this puzzle toys for dogs is silent, durable and makes no mess making it the perfect way to keep your pet entertained while keeping the house clean. Durable & Lasting – Do Not Chew Even though our boredom toys for dogs are made using the highest quality materials, these are not designed to handle chewing. To ensure it lasts you a long time, please prevent your pet from chewing on the bottles. Training Required This toy/dispenser is specially designed for larger pets (25Ibs+); Extensive training is required (Typically time ranging from 20 minutes - 2 days). Click on the “Add To Cart” button now to order today and ensure your pet gas a fun and enjoyable time.