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Large Walk in Chicken Coop Hen House Enclosure Backyard Poultry Cage w/ Cover XL

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 Movable Chicken Pen

The reason we have you purchase the Top Rail Pipe is because it is too expensive to ship 10' 6" long pipes. We could ship shorter pipes & have you piece them together, but the overall strength of the pen would be compromised, and we designed this pen to be strong enough so that you can easily move it to fresh grass. There is a huge advantage to having a movable pen. When you mow, you can just move the pen to one side. The pen will stay cleaner & better looking. Also moving your chicken pen breaks up the life cycle of several parasites, keeping your birds healthier. Chickens also eat a lot of grass & bugs which saves on your feed bill & makes for healthier birds. They will also lay eggs higher in Omega 3's which are healthier for you.  
This kit includes everything except for the 10’6" long Top Rail Pipes (you will need to purchase these from Home Depot to complete construction). The shipping cost on the 10’ long poles is expensive. It saves money for the customer to buy those at Home Depot. All of the shorter pieces of pipe are included in the kit.

On the pictured 10’ x 20’ Kit you will need to Purchase from Home Depot :
15 pcs. 10' 6" Top Rail Pipe (Customer Buys from Home Depot SKU # 181697)

On the 10’ x 10’ kit you will need to Purchase from Home Depot :
9 pcs. 10' 6" Top Rail (Customer Buys from Home Depot SKU # 181697)

On the 10’ x 30’ kit you will need to Purchase from Home Depot :
21 pcs. 10' 6" Top Rail
 (Customer Buys from Home Depot SKU # 181697)

This kit includes everything you need except for the 10’ 6" Top Rail Pipes  (these will need to be purchased from Home Depot to complete construction). It includes everything else you need, all the shorter pipes, the door, latch, & hinges, H.D.P.E. Netting, PVC Coated Chicken Wire, 10' x 12' tarp, Corners, Screws, All Canopy Fittings, Cable Ties, & even a Cable Tie Gun to tighten and cut off the Extra Heavy Duty 120 lb. cable ties. 

Pictured 8'5" tall 10' 8" wide x 20' 10" long 
8.5' tall 10' 8" wide x 10' 8" wide 
8.5' tall 10'8" wide x 31' 2" long 

What's the Difference?  
  • This pen is designed to keep out most wild birds which will eat your feed defecate in the water & spread parasites & disease.
  • Our Chicken Pen is structurally stronger & designed to be easily movable. It has added pipes along the bottom & back to add strength. Our competitors would be very hard to move, & if you did move it I don't think it is structurally strong enough to hold together very well. 
  • The sides of our pen come all the way to the ground, to keep predators out. Theirs looks to have a 1 1/2 to 2" gap along the bottom.
  • Our kit has a strong metal roosting pole. This is a safety feature. At night birds are not safe on the ground. They are also happier up on a roost. The higher the roosting pole is, the safer your birds are from predators. Ours is 5' 5" tall.  
  • Our 10' x 20' Chicken pen has 25+ square feet larger foot print than our competitor's 10' x 20'
  • It is almost 2' higher in the middle & 2' higher on the sides so that you don't bump your head when you go in.
  • Our cable ties are 120 lb tensile black UV resistant. Theirs are 50 lb. white Not UV resistant which means they will need to be replaced every couple of years.
  • Ours has shade cloth in the back for additional shade & protection from the North wind in the winter.
  • Our steel tubing is a Galvanized Heavy Duty 17 gauge. Theirs is light duty 19 gauge.
  • Our chicken wire is 1" Galvanized & Black PVC Coated 18 Gauge Wire. Theirs is lighter duty 19 Gauge 1.37" Green PVC Coated. Theirs will not keep wild birds out. Look closely at the pictures of their wire & ours, big big quality difference.
  • Our Heavy Duty UV Resistant Silver Tarp is approx. 10' x 12' for more shade & weather protection. Theirs is approx. 5' x 12'.
  • Our tarp has netting underneath. for additional support & safety for your birds. Theirs does not.