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4 Wheel Pet Stroller

Sometimes you want to take your pet for a stroll, but the conditions aren't right for them to walk or it might be too bright outside. You can still take them to enjoy the outdoor weather with Pet Stroller. The strollers are sturdy, safe and comfortable to use for both you and your pet. You can take your pet for a walk, to the store, or for a jog in the park. You can leave the stroller open so your pet can enjoy the air fully. If you need to keep it close, the breathable mesh allows your pet to still view all of its surroundings. Bring your drinks and snacks with you, the strollers are equipped with a cup holder for drinks and undercarriage for refreshments and more. Your pet will thank you for taking it outside.

Product Features

  • Mesh screen for breathability
  • Folds quickly
  • Larger undercarriage basket
  • Retractable soft cover hood
  • Front double wheel for manuverability
  • Rear brake lever
  • Front and back zippered doors
  • Secure seat belt leash
  • Mesh top window
  • Cup holders equipped
  • Meets GB14748 Stroller Safety Standard and manufactured under GB/T2161 Production Standard

Product Details

  • AVAILABLE COLORS: Black, Navy Blue, Plaid Blue, Pink, Red
  • STROLLER: Height 40" inches, Width 11" inches, Depth 18" inches, Front Wheel 5.75" inch diameter, Back Wheel 7.75" inch diameter
  • CARRIER: 20" x 18" x 11" inches
  • CAPACITY: 33 pounds
  • WEIGHT: 11.3 pounds


  • Pet Stroller
  • Undercarriage/Basket